The Ultimate Upsell
Weak profits? 1 product? No problem!
 "Hey Brian, I feel like you are talking about my exact situation right now. Can't wait to hear more about how to get out of this rut."

 "You're exactly right, Brian. I've been putting off the stuff I know will make a difference for a bunch of crap that doesn't matter and isn't helping! Let's DO THIS!"

"Brian I'm dying to keep reading. I'm living every word you're writing, stuck in no-profit-land, but still sitting on a single product. Time to get working."

These are the types of messages I've been getting all week. Keep them coming!

Frustrated business owners who are listening to too many different ideas, doing too many things at once, and not getting the results they are dying for.

I know EXACTLY how you feel! That overwhelm is freaking terrible.

So listen up, because this email is about the "life-line" that a mentor threw me back in 2010, and it will change everything for those who are ready to take action...
Build your Empire. One Upsell at a Time

When I put up my first upsell in July of 2010, months of wasted work and embarrassing results were erased overnight.

The first 30 days after my first upsell went live, I profited my first $1,000.

So what did I do? I kept adding upsells of course!

You see, the more products I created, the more JVs wanted to promote them, the more products I sold. My list was thriving. I was making sales every single day. And each customer was worth DOUBLE what they were before!

I was on the freaking moon. I beamed with pride every time I got to tell my wife about new sales. I wasn't buying a mansion, but my family's future was completely different.

In the tiny little baseball world, TrainBaseball was becoming an empire. Sales grew every time I released a new idea or introduced a new upsell.

All I had to do was keep coming up with new ideas...

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If you did watch it, you got some GREAT zero-cost ideas that you can use to create insanely successful upsells -- even if you only have one product.
So which one are you going to use to create your next -- or very first -- upsell?

No more struggling to come up with your next big idea. No more scratching your brain wondering what else you can sell your customers.

Anytime you're in need of a new idea, go back and load up one of those 6 “Silver Bullet” Ways to Triple Sales and Unlock Hidden Profits. TrainBaseball grew every time I added a new product. Get 10,000 Fans grew every time I added a new product.

Follow my lead. The more offers you have, the more upsells you can create, and the higher your profit ceiling is.

Okay, I know what you're thinking...

You're thinking that new ideas are awesome, but what do I SAY in an upsell? How do I CREATE my first upsell? What PRICE should my upsells be?

Profit BIG TIME from my experience.
Trust me, I've been there.

My first upsell was embarrassingly bad. Don't believe me? Here's what it looked like...
But since then, I've scripted, recorded, & published hundreds of them. And naturally, I've learned a ton along the way.

If you are serious about building your 1 product brand into a market-leading empire, then I have something you're going to want to see...

For the past few years, I have been pulling together everything I have learned about creating insanely profitable upsells.

Everything from crafting a killer offer, pin-pointing the perfect price points, quickly scripting an upsell in 60 minutes or less, all the way down to recording and publishing your videos with simple tools you already have on your computer.

And I've partnered that with all the new information that pours in every single day from the SamCart Database. Data that tells me what prices, offers, videos, payment plans, and everything in between are absolutely killing it for some of the biggest brands online!

By combining all of my experience, and all the new data, I've come up with the perfect tool for transforming any brand into a lean, profitable business capable of dominating a market...

And it's all gone directly into SamCart's newest course...

It's called "The Ultimate Upsell" and it's going to help you take your business to the next level -- and beyond.
3X Your Profits in 5 Minutes or Less.
This best-selling course has become the go-to resource for anyone who wants to increase their profits by up to 300% with high-converting  1-Click Upsells that you can set up and launch in under 5 minutes.  (I'm serious, it's that fast.)

If you've never created an upsell in your life, The Ultimate Upsell will help you brainstorm your next big idea, quickly script your entire offer, and publish your first upsell in no time.

If you've created upsells before, but haven't been happy with the results, The Ultimate Upsell  is going to give you step-by-step instructions on how to refine and perfect your upsell offers so your conversion rates double. What's more I guarantee you'll create high-converting upsells in a fraction of the time you're used to -- and make more profit  this month than you have all year,

If you're a pro with upsells and want to crush it even more, The Ultimate Upsell will give you the latest data on what upsell offers and prices are killing it based on MILLIONS of transactions on SamCart.  You'll get dozens of new split test ideas to increase your conversions, endless ideas for new upsell offers to increase your profits, and real-life case studies that will reveal what upsell ideas from other markets could crush it in your business.

But Don't Take My Word For It...
For over the past 2 years, more than 1,000 entrepreneurs just like you have taken advantage of the insights, information and real-world case studies in The Ultimate Upsell  to double or even triple their profits and sales.   Here's what they have to say...

Want to Become Our Next 
Ultimate Upsell Success Story?
This is your chance.  Because today you can discover the best-practices, insider-techniques and proven strategies that SamCart customers spent years and MILLIONS of dollars to perfect, in a comprehensive course you can purchase -- and start using today -- at an unbelievably low price.  Grab yours today and...

Unlock the 7 Secrets that Will Pay For The Course The FIRST Time You Use Them. 

#1 - Unsure what to offer as an upsell?  Don't panic. I'll reveal  7 perfect upsell offers that will convert like crazy regardless of what market you're in -- and won't cost you a cent.  Two of them work like gangbusters even if you only have one product.

#2 - Hate writing?  You'll LOVE my simple "3 Question" fill-in-the-blank template that will let you effortlessly craft a a killer upsell script in a matter of minutes.

#3 - Get customers to gladly pay 2x what you regularly charge by with the tried-tested-and market-tested "Value Stack" technique that builds exponential excitement -- and the value of the sale -- with every extra you add.

#4 - Crush the competition and double the money every customer spends with you with diabolically clever pricing strategy that will let you dominate the market.

#5 - Squeeze every cent of out of hidden sources of profit throughout the checkout process with 6 ruthless "Upsell Hacks" that will leave absolutely nothing on the table.

#6 -  Profit from lessons that I and SamCart customers have learned the hard way with real-life Upsell Case Studies for 5 different markets that will help you uncover which upsells your customers will love -- and which ones will live them cold.

#7 - To get even more of an edge, grab the 'Expert' version of the course and you'll get 12 months of SamCart Premium and be able to instantly create 1-Click Upsells using the the only shopping cart built for "non-techies".  (This feature alone is MORE than worth the cost of the upgrade.)
What's the Future of 
Your Business Worth?
No one can put a value on what finally making a go of your online business -- or taking it to the next level -- except you.  But whether your goal is making enough money to quit your current job or creating a massive profit engine that will give you the financial freedom to live the life you've always dreamed of, what you learn in The Ultimate Upsell can help you achieve it. 

All you have to do now is decide which level of The Ultimate Upsell will take you where you want to go.  Advanced?  Or Expert?

Get Started With The Advanced Course -- 16 Modules PLUS 3 Bonuses

The Ultimate Upsell 101  ($197.00 Value)
Create a foundation of understanding with the basics of upselling that will reveal the psychology of why and how upsells work, the financial equations that can have a huge impact on your bottom line, and why your business needs them to thrive.

The Ultimate Upsell Offer  ($197.00 Value)
 Discover the 7 types of upsells and which one you should use in your business, even if you don't have another product to sell right now.

The Ultimate Upsell Pitch ($197.00 Value)
Uneasy about asking your customers to spend more?  Discover an simple, low-key way to successfully offer upsells to your newest customers with out pressuring them with hype-filled sales copy.   My perfect upsell headline formula, pricing strategies, bonus ideas and more will help you make customers MORE than happy to spend extra with you every time they visit.

The Ultimate Upsell Design ($197.00 Value)
 Don't have a designer?  Don't worry.  I'll reveal the essential elements of the highest-converting upsell page on the planet. This design has been tested over 600,000 times, and has proven to pull in a level of profits that other designs can't come close to matching.

The Ultimate Upsell Conversion ($197.00 Value) 
 Knowing how well your upsell is converting -- or not converting -- is the key to your success.  This module will give you the benchmarks to measure your upsell effort, even if it's your first one.  You'll know exactly how much your upsell should make so if it's not hitting the mark, you can make adjustments right away.

Upsell Hacks: Upsell Stacking ($297.00 Value)
 Discover how to stack multiple upsells together and the techniques behind it that can triple your sales almost instantly. We'll show you the best order for your upsells and the smartest pricing strategy when offering multiple upsells.

Upsell Hacks: The Down-Sell ($297.00 Value)
I'll reveal the upside of implementing a killer downsell offer.  They're tricky to do but when deployed correctly this powerful technique can lead to massive conversions

Upsell Hacks: The Pre-Upsell ($297.00 Value)
Believe it or not, the newest trick we have our upsell sleeve can double sales BEFORE the customer even buys the first product.  You've got to see this one.

Upsell Hacks: The Back-End Upsell ($297.00 Value)
Using this strategy will allow you to float away on waves of profit days  or weeks after your customers initial purchase.  To make even more, teach this tactic to your customer support team so they can bring in all those extra sales for you.

Upsell Hacks: The Order Bump ($297.00 Value)
Give front-end sales a massive boost by learning how to effectively use "order bumps".  I'll let you in on what offers convert the best as order bumps to you can give your sales the biggest spike.

Upsell Hacks: Fixing Low Conversion ($297.00 Value)
Upsell not converting?  Don't despair.  I show you how to fix any low-converting upsell offer in a matter of minutes. This is easier than most people think -- if you know the secret.

Case Study: Live Event Upsells ($197.00 Value)
Running (or thinking about running) live events? We'll show you how one SamCart customer used upsells to bring in boatloads of profit and completely changed the way they sold them.  Steal their strategy and cash in!

Case Study: Software Upsells ($197.00 Value)
Selling software?  See how our customer used an innovative upsell to add a second stream of income that you can use  to change your business forever.

Case Study: Info Product Upsells ($197.00 Value)
 Selling info-products? Discover how this real-life SamCart customer setup an upsell (or two) that  literally doubled (actually almost tripled) their sales -- and can do the same for you.

Case Study: Physical Product Upsells ($197.00 Value)
Selling physical products?  Find out how this SamCart seller got customers to stuff their mailbox with multiple orders -- almost effortlessly.  You won't believe the genius thing they did.

Case Study: Coaching & Consulting Upsells ($197.00 Value)
 Selling coaching or consulting? Find out how one of our most successful service sellers boosted their profits by selling a few additional  services to their clients every time they signed up.  Once you learn the trick, you'll use it ALL the time.

BONUS #1: My Pre-Written Upsell Script ($1,299 Value)
 You'll get my exact no-sweat template upsell script that will give you the "magic words" that will quickly and easily get every customer to spend 2-3X more money every time they buy. This market-tested script practically guarantees that your upsell will convert at the highest levels and bring in as much extra profit as possible.

BONUS #2: Creating Your Upsell Video ($199 Value)
 Intimidated by the effort you think it takes to create a video? Don't be. I'll walk you through an easy step-by-step process that will show you how to create a professional -looking upsell video using with Screenflow & Keynote in just 20 minutes -- even if you've never recorded a video before. Not into making videos? Don't worry. They're an optional add on that can boost conversions but aren't absolutely necessary.

BONUS #3: A 1-Month Subscription To SamCart Premium ($199 Value)
Enjoy unlimited access to everything SamCart has to offer completely FREE for a full 30 DAYS so that you can setup your 1-click upsells in just minutes, without messing with code or buying separate pieces of software...

Total Retail Value:   $5,449.00
Upgrade to Expert and 
Maximize Your Upsell Opportunities
Ready to go all-in on your business in the coming year? 

Upgrade to the Expert Level of The Ultimate Upsell and instead of just 30 Days of SamCart Premium -- we'll give you a whole YEAR -- 12 full months -- absolutely FREE of charge.

Total Retail Value: $7,837.00  

So what'll it be? Advanced? Or Expert? Which level of The Ultimate Upsell is right for you? But wait...
Before You Decide...You Need to Answer These 2 Important Questions...
Even IF the price was $7,837.00...

...If all The Ultimate Upsell course did was increase your average customer value by +100%, so you could finally start pocketing money every month, would it be worth it?

Of course.

...If all this course did was help you finally FINISH your first 1-Click Upsell and DOUBLE your profits on each customer that buys from you, would it be worth it?


But here's the kicker, what if I told you that if you pulled the trigger and got The Ultimate Upsell  THIS week, you wouldn't even be paying a fraction of that -- would it be worth it to jump on the deal?

Hell YEAH!'s how you can get an unbelievable deal on The Ultimate Upsell...

After this week, we will be making the Advanced version of The Ultimate Upsell  to the public next month at $999.00.  But since you are an Insider, you can get it now at a hugely discounted price of just $199...

We'll be making the Expert version of The Ultimate Upsell  available to the public next month at $1999.00. Since you are an Insider, you can get it now at the incredible low price of just $999.00....

Supersize Every Sale.  Every Time. 
Get The Ultimate Upsell  Today and 3X Your Profits -- Forever. 
Jumpstart your business or shift it into overdrive with this comprehensive, step-by-step course that will show you how easy it is to harness the awesome, sales-boosting power of upsells.  Whether you choose Advanced or Expert level, each package comes with a FREE Trial of SamCart Premium and a 100% money-back guarantee.  Grab yours today!
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100% Risk FREE -- Guaranteed
If you're on the fence at all, let me take on 100% of the risk for you.

If you grab The Ultimate Upsell today, I guarantee you will boost your sales with your very first upsell, or I'll buy the course back from you!

That's right.  Whether you paid $199 for the Advanced Package or $999 for the Expert Package, if The Ultimate Upsell doesn't perform as promised, you'll get ALL your money back.

I wouldn't make this promise if I didn't KNOW this stuff really worked.  It changed my business forever and I know it can change yours.  Which is why I am so excited to help you cut past the unnecessary stuff and get you moving to real results!

Click the links above right now to be taken to our 100% secure order form. Select the level that is right for you, and double your profits with the very first upsell you create!

Supersize Every Sale.  Every Time. 
Get The Ultimate Upsell  Today and 3X Your Profits -- Forever. 
Jumpstart your business or shift it into overdrive with this comprehensive, step-by-step course that will show you how easy it is to harness the awesome, sales-boosting power of upsells.  Whether you choose Advanced or Expert level, each package comes with a FREE Trial of SamCart Premium and a 100% money-back guarantee.  Grab yours today!
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